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The Muslim World League’s Undersecretariat for Executive Affairs is concerned with providing relief and assistance to poor communities and victims of disasters around the world. It has carried out healthcare and sustainable development projects in the world’s poorest countries as part of its humanitarian duty towards these communities. It has been active in assisting several countries dealing with the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic and considers its partnership with several UN and other international humanitarian organizations a priority and part of the MWL’s international mission. The directives of H.E Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkareem Al-Issa, Secretary General of the MWL, have been guiding the Undersecretariate’s efforts to support disaster-stricken communities with no discrimination based on religion or race.


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In line with the MWL's role in delivering humanitarian aid with no discrimination based on color, race, or religion and in reaction to the UN Humanitarian Response Plan (UNHRP) Appeal, the MWL's Undersecretariat for Executive Affairs has implemented COVID-19 emergency response plan that includes financial assistance, food relief, healthcare, and awareness-raising activities


From the words of the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League
His Excellency Sheikh Dr.
Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa,
  • "Humanitarian work is never-ending and never discriminate between the needy".

  • "The Word "Peace" Does Not Flutter Except on The Forearms of Those Who Bring What They Do Into Alignment with What They Say and Their Hearts are Full of Love and Goodness".

  • "Activating the Meaning of our Human Brotherhood Can Remove Barriers, Span the Gaps, Build Bridges and Strengthen our Resolve to Work on our Human Commonalities which Represent our Natural Law".

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