Humanitarian Partnerships

The Muslim World League has focused on the establishment of highly productive partnerships that sustain humanitarian work. Its Undersecretariat for Executive Affairs seeks to establish new partnerships and expand areas of cooperation to promote long-term partnerships and to reach more donors. The expansion of areas of international and regional cooperation can contribute significantly to the establishment of high-quality projects with a sustainable impact around the world. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a global aspiration that requires international cooperation and a shared responsibility to achieve greater benefit.


By the Muslim World League's Undersecretariat for Executive Affairs

UNHCR Grant Agreement

Based on the importance of humanitarian aid to provide protection and support to refugees, the Muslim World League, represented by its Undersecretariat for Executive Affairs, has signed a grant agreement with UNHCR to implement part of the activities of the child protection project in north-east Nigeria

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Fatoumata Organization in The Gambia

The Muslim World League, represented by its Executive Affairs Agency, and within the framework of joint cooperation, signed a memorandum of understanding for a period of three years, subject to renewal, with the (Fatumata Bah Pro) organization, a non-profit organization in the Republic of The Gambia, to cooperate in many...

Joint working plan with the International Committee of the Red Cross

Based on the common desire between the Muslim World League and the International Committee of the Red Cross to cooperate in distributing and enhancing opportunities for humanitarian cooperation, an action plan for the specific partnership was signed aimed at establishing the strategic partnership between the two parties, through...

The Muslim World League signs a framework agreement with the King Salman Center

A framework agreement was signed with the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, which aims to establish strategic cooperation relations and establish a beneficial partnership between the two parties, to exchange information and experiences in the various fields of humanitarian work.
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New Partnerships

UNHCR Grant Agreement
28 June، 20210


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