Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief is one of the executive arms of the programs of the Muslim World League's Undersecretariat for Executive Affairs (MWLUEA). As long-lasting conflicts and climate-related disasters continue to threaten and destroy the lives of millions causing hunger and insecurity, we provide help in emergencies to the disaster-affected populations. The number of beneficiaries has exceeded (3.5) million since the year (2018 to 2021) that includes food security, environmental sanitation, water supply, nutrition, education and shelter for displaced persons and refugees.

Areas of Work

  • Food security and nutrition
  • Water supply and environmental sanitation
  • Shelter and human settlements
  • Emergency health
  • Emergency education

Number of emergency relief beneficiaries in five years is approximately (87,671,696) in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Highlights of Emergency Relief

Qurbani Project

Distribution of meat to the needy in Eid Al-Adha and Tashriq days
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Drought Relief Project

The project aims to provide relief to (3,500) families to alleviate the effects of drought...
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Ramadan Baskets (Fast breaking)

Baskets contain essential food ingredients distributed to the needy during the holy month of Ramadan
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