Social Care

Whereas the MWL applies the comprehensive concept of social care to poor communities, the MWL's Undersecretariat for Executive Affairs provides humanitarian aid for thousands of orphans. Includes housing, social protection, training and community engagement. The number of beneficiaries has been raised during the last 4 years to 26 million in (72) countries with extended support to their families and societies. In addition, the MWL's projects aim to both sponsorship and orphans' care along with the implementation of several seasonal programs. It has also focused on widows, disabled persons and the most vulnerable people

Social Care Projects

  • Orphans' sponsorship worldwide
  • Assistance for those in need

Total of 2354260 beneficiaries in 49 countries:
Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad, Malawi, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mauritania, Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Egypt, Thailand – Gambia – Albania – Kosovo – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Indonesia, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Morocco, South Sudan, Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine, Pakistan, Kashmir, Lebanon, Afghanistan, South Africa – Mozambique – Zambia – Swaziland Lesotho -Namibia – Northern Somalia (Hargeisa) – South Somalia (Mogadishu) Portland – Togo – Benin, Mali, Macedonia, Kenya, Croatia, Bulgaria, Burundi, Somalia, Ghana, Guinea Conakry – Comoros – Niger – In addition to Syrian, Yemeni and Burmese refugees in several countries.

Highlights of Social Care Work

Disabled Persons' Sponsorship

Monetary help for disabled persons to fulfill their needs...
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Widows' Sponsorship

Monetary help for widows to fulfill their needs...
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Orphans' Sponsorship

Monetary help for orphans to fulfill their needs...
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