MWL Launches Qualitative Project in Somalia

The Muslim World League has commenced the building of an oxygen cylinder factory and a pharmaceutical warehouse in Bosaso, north of Somalia. The project's foundation stone was laid in the presence of the Minister of Health, the Mayor and members of the city's Chamber of Commerce. The project is one of the MWL's qualitative projects it has been establishing within impoverished communities around the world.
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MWL Implements Heart Surgery Program in Tanzania

The MWL has implemented its advanced medical program of heart surgery for adults in Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania, where free-of-charge cardiac surgeries were performed at the city's Heart Institute in the period between the 14th and 16th of August. The program was implemented in cooperation with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health.
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MWL Distributes Food Baskets to Flooding victims in Sudan

The MWL has implemented an emergency program to distribute food baskets to those in need in a number of regions in Sudan. Thousands of baskets, school bags, shoes and clothing were provided to more than 2000 families in the states of Al Abyad, Kordofan and White Nile in addition to the capital city of Khartoum. Dr. Ahmad Abdullah Qalam, Advisor to Sudan's Minister of Social Development, said the flooding that hit several regions in the country exacerbated the need for such a program. He praised the MWL for its continuous efforts under the leadership of its Secretary General, His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa.
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MWL Teams Perform Heart Surgeries for 44 Children

A team of elite volunteer specialists have successfully performed 44 heart catheterizations for children as part of the MWL's program that lasted a week at the Madani Cardiac Center in Al Jazira State, Sudan. The program included providing training to local surgeons, which was welcomed by the state, represented in the General Director of Health Dr. Tariq Al-Ajwah. The children's' families expressed their appreciation to the MWL whose efforts "brought back hope."
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In the face of drought in Somalia: The Muslim World League continues to distribute food and establish drinking water wells and irrigation to avert “Famine disaster”

For many years, the people of Somalia have suffered from multiple and successive humanitarian crises such as drought and floods, as well as the negative effects of the conflict, which led to the collapse of most of the infrastructure.
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The Muslim World League implements the Quran memorization program in 78 countries

His Excellency the Secretary-General, Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abd al-Karim al-Issa, that the...
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