Quran and Sunnah Service

The Muslim World League is concerned with providing the highest quality of educational services, through the establishment of institutes and model schools, and manage their educational process. In addition, establishing strategic partnerships with educational institutions and international universities, running courses and scientific competitions and awarding scholarships and financial assistance for students around the world.
The Muslim World League serves the Holy Quran around the world by the establishment of a range of scientific activities and programs specialized in recitation and teaching the Holy Quran. It has carried out the publishing of the guidance of the Prophet (PBUH) in areas of moderation, dialogue and coexistence, correcting misconceptions, and showing the images of scientific miraculousness of the Holy Quran and Sunnah by highlighting the compatibility between scientific facts and religious texts. It is published through the MWL's activities and international magazine for scientific miraculousness.


  • To serve the Holy Quran & Sunnah and promoting Islamic culture through education and propagation.
  • To establish educational institutes and cultural centers, and support other urban foundations.
  • To develop the educational process (curricula and means) and qualify the educational staff in the educational institutes and centers owned or supported by the Muslim World League.
  • Graduation of qualified cadres in various scientific fields.
  • To entrench the principle of moderation, tolerance and protection of thought among the beneficiaries.
  • To be prominent in providing scholarships and assistance to students around the world.
  • To achieve sustainable development within the educational projects.

Department of Education

The Department of Education provides Model Education, Quranic Education, Scholarships and Scientific Competitions.

Education Work:

  • Awarding Scholarships and Financial Assistance
  • Establishing Educational Institutions and Quranic Institutes

Total of (9,160) beneficiaries in (39) countries in (5) years:
Thailand – Chad – Comoros – Djibouti – Senegal – Somalia – Niger – Nigeria – Mauritania – Jordan India – Sri Lanka – Philippines – Lebanon – Bangladesh – Malaysia – Egypt – Uganda – Sudan – Tunisia – Indonesia – Tatarstan – Kyrgyzstan – Nepal – their – Benin – Burkina Faso, Tanzania, South Africa, Gambia, Guinea Conakry, Cameroon, Mauritius – Albania – Bulgaria – Bosnia – Suriname – Cameroon – Bosnia

Iqra Sheikhs

Department of Iqra Sheikhs (Quran Recitation Scholars) is part of the General Administration for Serving the Holy Quran and Sunnah in the Muslim World League's Undersecretariat for Executive Affairs. It aims to serve the Holy Quran worldwide by offering a range of activities and scientific programs specialized in recitation and teaching the Holy Quran.

  • Electronic Tool for Quran Reading
  • Scientific Consultation
  • Quranic education and recitation- information unit
  • Electronic Publishing and Broadcasting



Scientific Miraculousness of the Holy Quran

The first global reference in research, writing and publishing scientific miraculousness of the Holy Quran. It has carried out international dialogue according to the approach of moderation and proving the sincerity of the message of our Lord Muhammad (peace be upon him) by highlighting the scientific facts contained in the texts of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

  • - Global conferences, forums and training courses
  • - Media
  • - Exhibitions
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Research and Studies

Introducing the Guidance of the Prophet PBUH

The MWL seeks to disseminate the Prophet's guidance of promoting the concepts and values of moderation and dialogue: ("with what is better"), to coexist with others and to correct misconceptions by all possible modern means in all languages.

  • Publications
  • - Lectures and courses.
  • - Competitions
  • - Translation

Our Projects in Numbers

Education Scholarships
Quranic Institutes
Education Assistance
Educational Institutions

Quran and Sunnah Service:

Scholarships and Education Assistance

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Fatani University

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Dar Al-Hikma Complex

The complex was established on October 10, 1989, and it is a model education school...
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